Unique Birthday Party Themes for Women Who are Young at Heart

As we age, we tend to care less and less about celebrating our birthdays. Part of the reason is age, itself. I mean, when you reach a certain point, no one wants to think about getting older, am I right? I think another big part of it, is the way our age is celebrated. As we age, we go from having these amazing, fun, and colorful birthdays to having dinner, maybe at a restaurant, and a glass of wine. We are missing the fun! We need to bring the fun back and this BIG list of unique birthday party themes can help us do that!


“What Stays In Vegas” Birthday Party Theme

It doesn’t always have to happen in Vegas you know! You can have an amazing Vegas-themed birthday party wherever you are, as long as you have the right attitude and final touches! Imagine these ideas:

  • Dressing up in a gold sequin dress and hitting the strip, which could be your dining room!
  • You can choose your game, whether it is Poker or Roulette, and set it up, right on your dining room table!
  • You could even set up little slot machines that give out candy or peanuts and set up your computer or TV to have a fun Vegas slot game on it for your guests! With playing cards, poker chips, and a couple of bottles of bubbly, it will feel like you truly had a birthday night in Vegas!

1. Gold Sequin Dress

2. June in Love Strappy Sandals

3. Texas Hold ’em Chip Set with Aluminum Case


“Country Barn Dance” Birthday Party Theme

Back in their HAY day, hahaha, barn dances were a huge event! In some places, they still are, so why not have one to celebrate your lovely life, eh ladies?! You wouldn’t need too much to transform a room! I bet you could do it with a few small hay bales:

1. Vegan Ankle Boots

2. Cowgirl Hat

3. Country Line Dance

“Be a Kid Again” Birthday Party Theme

What list of birthday party themes would be complete without a Kid-themed party! Seriously, this is all about enjoying our birthdays again, so why not take it back to our youth!

  • Get some helium balloons, streamers, and a cake that looks like those old, sugar-covered cakes of our youth!
  • Hire a magician or, grab a magic kit and have one of your kids fill in!
  • Play some fun, backyard games that make you feel like a kid again!
  • put out pitchers of Kool-aid and have everyone sit in a semi-circle around you, while you open presents!

 1. Pink Lace Maxi Dress

2. Flower Headband

3. Pink and Gold Confetti Balloons

“Taco About A Fiesta” Birthday Party Theme

Fiesta-style parties are always a blast and super easy to put together!

1. Sugar Skulls Vintage Dress

2. Taco Piñata

3. Let’s Fiesta – Paper Straw Decor


“Spa Night” Birthday Party Theme

Everyone loves and needs a special night of pampering, especially on their birthdays! Set up a “Spa Night” at home for you and a few friends to enjoy! You guys can sip mimosas while you pamper each other!

  • Diffuse some aromatic essential oils and candles to set a calm, worry-free mood.
  • Give each other mani-pedis and wear fun face vegan masks, while you get in on the latest gossip.
  • Hire a masseuse or get your Amethyst mat (Are you into crystals?) and spend the day in relaxed tranquility.

1. bliss Fabulips Lip-Perfecting System

2. Vegan Expert Facial Masks Sampler Set

3. Natural Amethyst Mat


Remember Those Fun and Unique Birthday Themes?

When we were kids, birthdays were a blast! There were always cakes, balloons, lots of friends and our parents used to get a magician or clown, some people even had pony rides! The birthdays were so much fun, that we couldn’t wait to celebrate the next one! I think that we need to bring some unique birthday party themes into our adulthood and learn how to celebrate our age again!

When it comes to unique birthday party themes, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination! Remember what it was like when you actually enjoyed your birthdays and get back to that place again! I gave you a few ideas to get you started, the rest is up to you!


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