10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers Friends

Coffee people are a unique species unto themselves. Am I right? Coffee is part of their routine, part of their day, part of their life, and some might even say that coffee people suffer from an addiction to this caffeinated and brewed beverage. However, we’ll look the other way and show you a bunch of gifts for coffee lovers of all kinds.

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers (of All Kinds!)

Let’s start at the beginning! How do they brew their coffee? There are a few ways to do it, and you can gift them all!

1. A Standard Brew

This is a simple “brew a pot” coffee maker that would make a great gift.

2. Fancy Schmancy

Make them feel like they own a coffee shop with a Ninja Coffee Bar!

3. Pour It Over

Pour-over coffee makers, like this one, have become all the rage for getting the “most” out of your coffee at home.

4. K-Cup It

 The Keurigs are still popular, and people love receiving them as gifts!

There are all sorts of accessories and fun things that you can get for a coffee lover to try. From frothers to flavorings, these are gifts all coffee drinkers will love!

5. Their Own Cute Coffee Mug

Close your eyes and make a wish while sipping your favorite beverage in this legendary Caticorn mug. Half cat and half unicorn the Caticorn is a mythical creature here to turn your coffee lover friend’s Mondays into magical mornings. Want another one? this sloth coffee mug is melting my heart!

6. Coffee Grinder

With their bean grinder, your coffee lover can choose between whole bean OR ground coffees!

7. Cute Coffee Necklace

I don’t know what about you, but I can spot a coffee lover from miles (: your friend will probably appreciate this elegant funny necklace!

8. Sweet Coffee Travel Mug

Give your friend a good reason to remember you, wherever they go. This inspiring travel cup will also cheer them up!

9. flavored syrup Sampler Set

Give them the right coffeehouse gift in this flavored syrup sampler!

10. Giggle Gifts!

On to the COFFEE! I mean, what kind of coffee lover gift guide would this be WITHOUT coffee? Not one that I would read, that’s for sure! Some coffee lovers are picky, and only like THEIR coffee. A specific brand brewed a particular way and garnished by professionals. Other coffee conspire-type people like to mix it up!

As a coffee lover myself, I can happily say, I would enjoy receiving any gift on this list!

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