I Tried Orly Gel FX Builder in a Bottle And Here’s What I Think

For many women doing their manicure at home most times had turned out to be an unpleasant endeavor. It could be due to the poor finish or durability of most nail polish you’ve used before now. Also, with the fact that in most traditional nail polish you’ve used in the past, you’ll have to wait for a reasonable time for the polish to dry. When you’ve managed to get the nails done while doing the dishes, they suddenly chipped.

ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle Review

Must have been a frustrating experience, right? But, don’t fret because you’ve got you covered and all that’s about to change. We’re providing an in-depth, unbiased review on ORLY Gel FX Builder that will help you determine if this gel builder is your ideal nail solution.

Alright, ladies, let get started!

What is ORLY GEL FX Builder?

ORLY GelFX builder is a premium modern nail gel builder product that curbs out the hassle of building nails. Unlike traditional nail builder and polish that leaves behind a mess, smell, and severe pain. ORLY Gel FX creates a crystal clear manicure with absolutely no problem nor smells and leaves behind eye-catching long nails.

The Benefits of ORLY GEL FX Builder

No damage to nails Conventional gel polishes are notorious for causing damage or dehydration to nails due to their formulations and harsh removal techniques. It has forced most women to use some acyclic nail treatment alternative, which most of the time ends up damaging their nails.
ORLY GEL FX focuses on the nail’s health and wellbeing. It features a medical-grade formulation to protect your natural nails; the nails will be well hydrated and durable to stand the test of time.

Free from toxic ingredients

Each ingredient used in any premium products must have no side effects for consumers, and nail products are not an exception to this effect.
Many conventional poor-quality nail products contain toxic ingredients to both the salon technician and the client. Research shows that most of these traditional nail products contain chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, and camphor, which are toxic to nails.
ORLY GEL FX features a “medical grade” formulation. It means that every ingredient used during this product’s manufacturing process has been ethically and carefully selected to ensure a premium quality that is entirely free of toxins.

Oxygenating technology

Women hate that after spending a reasonable time making their nails with traditional nail builders, it shows signs of damage after taking care of little chores. Most nail polish or builders are not resistant to moisture or air, thus the reason for prompt damage.
ORLY GEL FX features an oxygenating technology to ensure that the nails are impermeable to oxygen and water molecules. It brings durability to the frontline; ensure nails remain healthy for up to three weeks after fixing.
With this product, you’ll be sure of repeat customers if you’re a nail technician due to its quality finish and durability. ORLY GEL FX is also infused with vitamin E and A to improve nails’ well-being and polish-free break treatment.


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Who Can Use ORLY GEL FX Builder?

Gone are the days when fixing nails were meant for professional nail technicians due to the complexity of fixing and removing nail gel builders. With recent technology featured by premium brands like ORLY GEL FX builder, anyone can get their nails done with no hurdles.
You don’t need to be a professional before you can use this product. ORLY GEL FX kit is made for mothers, women, and young ladies that want to save money that would have been spent on beauty salons. Beauty salons and nail technicians can also take advantage of the premium product, ensuring repeat customers due to their quality and elegant finish. ORLY GEL FX gives you the leisure of getting your nails done at home or office.

Image Source: ORLY

How do you use Orly Gel FX builder?

For this review, I bought the ORLY GELFX Builder in A Bottle Intro KIT that was available on Amazon.

Step 1: You’ll have to clean and prep your nails for a dry manicure

Step 2: Cleanse and prepare cuticles using ORLY critique and also apply ORLY cuticle pusher.

Step 3: Gently file your nails bed

Step 4: The entire nail plate should be primed using the ORLY Nail Tip Primer.

Step 5: Gently apply ORLY Perfect Fit Form.

Step 6: Sculpt your fingertips to the desired length.

Step 7: Using an LED lamp, cure the fingers for 10 seconds. During this process, you may feel a heat spike. All you have to do is remove your fingers from the lamp for some seconds and then continue curing.

Step 8: Apply ORLY Builder on your entire nail surface, especially the sidewalls, for reinforced strength.

Step 9: When you’re done, add a thin layer of the product on the center of your nails so that the formula will self-level.

Step 10: You should use ORLY GEL FX 3-in-1 cleanser to remove any tacky layer in the nail.

Step 11: Gently file, shape, and buff your nails.

Step 12: Clean your nails thoroughly, and then apply your desired ORLY GELFX color.

Image: ORLY GELFX Builder in A Bottle Intro KIT

How Do You Remove Orly Gel FX builder in a Bottle?

Step 1: Make use of a high-grit file to file off the nail coats gently. Doing this is essential because soaking your nails in acetone won’t wear off ORLY GELFX because it is resistant to acetone.

Step 2: Clip or file the free nail edges

Step 3: Wrap the nails using the ORLY GELFX foil remover and wait for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the wrap and use ORLY Cuticle Pusher to push off the nail builder gently.

Bottom Line: Is Orly Gel FX good?

Pros [What I liked] of ORLY GEL FX Builder

  • The product makes the nails flexible and lightweight
  • Excellent durability (lasts up to 3 weeks) when compared to traditional nail builder
  • Stylish and elegant nails
  • No pain or smell
  • Easy to apply or remove

Cons [What I didn’t like] of ORLY GEL FX Builder

  • It’s a bit pricey
  • Needs a little practice


ORLY GEL FX builder has a premium solution to gel nail manicure. Even though this product is a bit pricey, its good value for money considering the quality and durability brings to the frontline.

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