Mid-Century Modern Style Planters Under 50$

Are you inspired by classic mid-century modern style? well, getting mid-century modern inspired pieces can be very expensive. Especially when you’re buying unique furniture, lamps, and fabrics. However, there is a cheaper way to achieve the mid-century modern look without getting broke. It’s simple – just add a lot of plants!
Pots and planters were very trendy during the 50′ and getting the right plants is actually an easy mission.

We found some great deals on pots and planters, all inspired by the modern design and are under 50$. minimalistic geometric shapes, sleek lines and mixed materials that will make you feel like a Palm Springs postcard – get your favorites here.

Mid-Century Modern Style Planters Under 50$

1. Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter

2. Geometric Ceramic Planter

3. Macrame Plant Hangers

4. 3 Ceramic Owl Succulent Pots on a 3-Tier Bamboo Saucer Stand 


5. Mid-Century Style Plant stand

6. 5 Inch Diamond Line Texture Ceramic Planter on Wood Stand

7. Rivet Modern Ceramic and Bamboo Planter

8. Bloomingville Sky Blue & Cream Stoneware Pot with Crackle Finish


9. Modern Indoor Rope Planter

10. Modern Geometric White Ceramic Mini Succulent Planter Pots with Removable Bamboo Saucer

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