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How to Add Character to Your Garden?

There are few things better than having a lush, calm garden space. With spring quickly approaching, there’s now is a great time to make some changes to your garden in anticipation of the warmer months.
Here are a few great ways that you can add some character and fun to your garden this year.

Bird Feeders

Birdhouses and feeders are a great way to inject some color into your garden all year round. Whether you want a feeder that is bright and stands out or a rustic wooden birdhouse, these are simple ways to add some charm to your garden.

Bird feeders are also a fantastic way to encourage wildlife in your garden. Whether you want to see more birds, hedgehogs, or squirrels, there are plenty of wildlife feeders and food out there to choose from. If you’d like to add a new hobby to your life, bird feeders are a great way to get into bird watching.

Install A Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to add some character to your garden and provide the perfect lighting and warmth on colder days. They’re perfect for socializing around or simply lighting up to enjoy a night in.
You can find natural fire pits, that require wood to burn or electric fire pits which you can simply turn on and off. Fire pits make the perfect addition to a garden, whether in winter or summer, and are ideal for cozy nights at home.

Invest In A New Garden Shed

The Garden shed comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one to suit your garden’s look. Whether you’d like a shed that doubles as a planting and potting station, a summer house, or for storage, you’ll find the best garden sheds at

If you’d like something for the kids to enjoy, you could invest in a Wendy’s house or playhouse for your garden. These are perfect kids of any age and can be an excellent place for them to spend quality time with their siblings or friends.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to add some soft, ambient sounds to your garden. They’re also a beautiful addition to a garden. You can find wind chimes made from wood and metal so you could experiment with a combination of the two to find the right sound for your garden.

Get Creative With Fencing

You could consider applying a more unusual color stain or paint to your fences. Whether you’d like a splash of bright color all year round or even a metallic or glittery shade, there are many more options than just the traditional varnish many people choose for their fences.

If you have kids, then you could use decorating your fences as a family project. Give each family member their own fence panel to paint and decorate however they want. You could make this a yearly tradition of repainting your fences. Make sure to take pictures of each year’s additions so that you can all track your artistic progress!

Swing Seating

Swing seats are perfect for kids and adults alike. They add a whimsical element to your garden, as well as being a great place to sit and relax after a long day. They come in all sizes to suit any budget or garden, so you really can’t go wrong with a swing seat to add a little extra character to your garden.

Invest In A Patio Or Decking

This can be a great way to build a space for eating outside in the summer or spending lazy Sundays sunbathing in your garden. Decking with natural wood can give your garden charm and style, without breaking the bank. There are so many styles of patio and decking out there to choose from; you’re sure to find one to suit your requirements and taste.

Invest In A Water Feature

Water features are a great way to make your garden stand out. If you have small kids, it might be best to start with something like a birdbath, or something that will be out of reach and child safe.

If you’d like to go further with a garden feature you could install a pond or water fountain. These are great for encouraging natural wildlife and provide a habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna. You could consider buying a pond that is suitable for fish like Koi, though it is crucial to understand the proper care of any fish you may put into a pond at home.

Add Flowers

Of course, no garden would be complete without flowers! The type you choose depends on the amount of time you have to invest in tending your garden. You could go for easier to care for flowers like sunflowers and wildflowers, or if you’re a master gardener try your hand with some more high maintenance flowers like English roses. Whatever you choose, flowers are one of the ultimate staples in adding some extra character to a garden.

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