Common Smells in the Home and How to Remove Them

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax in the evening at home and having a bothersome smell around you. Apart from the temporary and slightly annoying ones that we may encounter, there are some more persistent and distressing odors that we need to take care of and avoid to prevent us from feeling uncomfortable at home. It’s all well and good lighting some candles to mask an odor, but there are plenty of ways in which we can prevent and remove odors from our environment to have them feeling fresh and clean again. Following these ideas should help you keep your hair clean and odor-free at home.


Find The Cause

Finding the cause of a bad odor in your home can sometimes feel like a mission and finding a needle in a haystack, but quite often there are a few common causes, and The way in which we deal with these issues is normally very similar. Hiring a company to handle the root cause of your unpleasant odors, will help you find the cause and get it fixed quickly. puroclean.com is able to provide water damage restoration, fire damage restoration smoke damage restoration, mold removal, and biohazard cleanup which are all quite serious causes of odor.

Not only do these odors cause offense, but the majority of them can cause health issues and are unpleasant to live with all around. So once you get to the root of the problem and the professionals deal with it for you, you should be able to find yourself in a much better position at home.



In 2020 most of us have a recycling routine set up in our homes, and we all do our best to follow it to the letter, this involves separating food waste out and either composting or recycling this. But sometimes we can forget, or become complacent, and end up with some odors from our recycling and rubbish.

The best way to combat this is to stay organized and make it easier for yourself. Purchasing some recycling separation bins, and including a lot of plastic containers and washable items When you are washing the dishes, means that you will avoid that unpleasant odor that comes from your rubbish. Not only this but it’s a much more pleasant experience sorting through with her recycling when it has been washed immediately rather than after it has been sat for a while.

Use Fragrance

Whilst covering up odors with candles or air freshener isn’t always the best idea, because the original odor mixed with the fragrance may not be the most pleasant. There are plenty of things you can do to improve the overall smell of your home once you have removed unpleasant odors. Candles such as Yankee candles are very popular these days with a wide range of fragrances available. Even if candles aren’t your thing, try reed wick diffusers are very popular if you are looking for something a little more subtle and consistent.

Quite often we find a favorite and stick with it, but whether you are a fan of a white cotton scent or a black cherry scent, you are sure to be able to find something to suit your needs. There are gift shops In most towns and cities that you can choose a whole range of air freshening tools, read wicks and candles, which will fragrance your home beautifully.

So the last thing we want is to be sitting in a home that is making us feel uncomfortable due to the odors coming from various different problems, so it’s worth keeping on top of.

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