5 Signs Your Little One Is Ready For A Bed

Children grow up so fast and are constantly hitting milestones– and with no one-size-fits-all parenting manual, it can be hard to know when the right time is for implementing important changes to your child’s life.

Here are some ways to know when to ditch the crib and make the switch:

1. They’ve Hit An Age Milestone

It’s important to remember that children grow at all different rates, and while your friend’s child might have been sleeping in a bed from the minute they turned one, your child might not get there until they’re into their twos or threes- and that’s totally okay.

General guidelines suggest that a toddler can switch from their crib to a bed at around 18 months- but you’re under absolutely no obligation to do so. You may consider getting your child their first grown-up bed sometime around their second birthday- but at the end of the day, it’s ultimately down to whether you feel your little one is ready to make the switch.

2. They Can Climb Out Of Their Crib

Toddlers love to climb, and if your little one is planning operation-escape-the-crib every time your head is turned, then this can be a sure sign that they’re ready for a bed. Not only does climbing pose a threat of injury, but it shows that your child isn’t too happy about being kept in such an enclosed space anymore- so make that switch!

3. They No Longer Fit In Their Crib

Similarly, if your child no longer fits in their crib and is touching both ends with their head and feet, then you’re either going to have to switch them to a bigger crib or take the leap into getting them a toddler bed.
Moving into a bed can be quite a daunting experience for a toddler, so you should try to make the transition as enjoyable as possible, and be sure to do your research before buying them a bed. Children’s beds should reflect your child’s growth, development, and independence, and since a good night’s sleep is so important to a child, you should only buy from a reputable bed company.
The Bed Kingdom offers a range of children’s beds in all different sizes and styles. Designed specifically with your little ones in mind, many of Bed Kingdom’s beds even offer storage spaces below as a handy way to keep things organized. For more information, check these children’s beds from bedkingdom.co.uk

4. They’re Not Sleeping Great

Sleep problems can be a direct result of your child no longer fits in their crib properly and can cause them to lie awake for longer, cry for periods throughout the night, and demand to get up early in the morning. If your child isn’t sleeping properly, then it might be time to get them a new bed.

5. They’re Asking About A Bed

One of the more obvious signs that your child is ready to make the transition to a bed, is when they tell you that they’re ready to make the transition. If your child is big enough physically to sleep safely in their own bed, and they’re asking when they can make the switch from their crib, then you’re all good to go!

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