Create A Simple Functional Mudroom With These 5 Items

Mudrooms, they can be the best spot in the house or the WORST – Where everything gets tossed to, shoes pile up, and random objects we all know too well. How to create a simple, functional mudroom, even when you think you don’t have enough room?

Even if you don’t have a designated mudroom or area – you likely have a spot near the door where this occurs. It can seem like a never-ending struggle to keep it neat and tidy. But with a few low budget items, you can actually improve any mudroom or entryway.

These items can help you win the war on clutter, by creating the tidy spot you always wish you’d have. here they are, 5 functional mudroom ideas:


1. Hooks

Hooks are essential in this area of the home. You can choose to hang them individually or purchase a premade piece with hooks on it. They come in handy with hanging backpacks, coats, scarves, keys, and anything hangable. Check out your local hardware store or crafting store to see what’s available for your project. Need inspiration? Look at this bright and airy entryway, of Modern Jane blog:


2. Shoe Racks

Shoes tend to pile up near the door. So rather than letting them sit on a rug / floor, use a shoe rack or shoe shelves to store them. It will keep things nice and tidy and you won’t be tripping over them when you walk in. There are tons of DIY shelves that you can built for this exact purpose. If you want to make a different kind of shoe rack, watch Lily Ardor’s DIY and use a small space wisely.


3. Cubbies

Giving each person in the home a spot for their jackets, bags, shoes, backpacks, anything they need to grab to take with them on the way out. This keeps clutter to a minimum and helps everyone know exactly where those daily needed items are versus being scattered around the house. Or, use the cubbies with a more open plan like Nina Hendrick did here:


4. Baskets

Baskets can be used in even the smallest of mudrooms. You can use them for shoes so they aren’t in the way. Smaller baskets work well for keys on top of an entryway table. As well as other trinkets that might need to be kept near the door. Such as garage door openers and spare keys. This decorative mudroom from Jane Kate At Home uses these baskets. It sit nicely under the bench and add more space for shoes, bags and more.


5. A Bench

An entryway bench can make the entire design of a mudroom and can be a great sitting area where you can take your shoes off, wait for someone or just look nice with pillows over it. If you think a bench is a lost storage space, take a look at this amazing Ikea hack, made by The Mombot blog:

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