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Overtone Hair Color Conditioner: Complete Guide + Tips [2021]

If you ever tried to color your hair, you know just how fast the color can fade away. It happens with all colors, but this is especially true for the ultra-bright ones, as they tend to fade out even faster! That’s where the Overtone hair color conditioner enters the scene 🙂


Due to this unfortunate reality, the Overtone founders devised a business plan to launch a brand in colored hair care. And, thankfully, they succeeded and the Overtone hair color products became a game-changer for us, people with vibrant, colorful hair!


If you are new to this brand, it was founded by Megan Scarlett and Liora Dudar back in 2014, and is now one of the leaders in the beauty industry! This cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color dye is, without a doubt, one of our favorite beauty products.


Among several other things, it is most famous for providing customers with salon-quality color without the commitment or cost of a visiting a professional stylist. 


Their most popular, effective, and most frequently bought products include the Daily Conditioner, the Remedy for Fine Hair, and, finally, the Coloring Conditioner.


Today, will talk more about the Coloring Conditioner and provide you with a complete guide on its application! You do not need to look any further, since here is literally EVERYTHING you need to know about Overtone Hair Color Conditioner. Stay tuned to find out all about the Overtone hair color treatment, how to use it properly and keep reading to learn our best tips!



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overtone hair color



Overtone Hair Color Conditioner: Overview



Overtone is the perfect solution for you if you want to color your hair without damaging or drying it out. Overtone hair color conditioners add hydration and moisture to your hair while also depositing bright, vibrant color. Best part? How easy the whole process is, but more about that later 🙂


This colorful conditioning treatment keeps your hair shiny and healthy! Overtone has a variety of products, suitable for anyone and any kind of hair, whether your hair is completely “au naturel” or if it has been previously bleached.


Even when your hair begins to fade, you can add color to it again using the Daily Conditioner. You can apply it in the shower, and your hair will stay looking gorgeous all throughout the week.


Bonus points: it is not only one of the best pigment-depositing hair masks available, but also one of the most hydrating hair masks currently offered on the market! Not only does it give your hair a beautiful color, but it also moisturizes dry & damaged hair, and can even nourish and strengthen hair shafts. 



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Things to Know Before Your Overtone Hair Color Application:



If this is your first time using Overtone coloring conditioner or if you are new to Overtone hair color treatments in general, we got your back! But before we dive into any further details, you can rest assured that all of Overtone products are very easy to use!


When it comes to application and usage, Overtone hair color depositing conditioners are extremely simple. It is important to remember that it offers a semi-permanent hair color, so it  is recommended to use this treatment at least once a month to maintain your desired hair color!


Another thing that is important to mention is that the lighter your hair is, the brighter and more accurate the results of the color application will be. 


However, if you have darker hair, the result will come out a little differently – the color will look deeper, darker and richer. So keep this in mind when selecting and applying an Overtone hair color shade. Either way, rest assured that it will leave your hair looking beautiful with minimal effort.


One of the main advantages of Overtone products is that they do not contain bleach or any other type of harmful lightening agents or harsh chemicals. However, as a result, the final color and the fading is highly individual and will differ depending on the starting color, hair health, hair porosity and different hair types in general.



Here is a basic rundown of the most common hair color conditioner types offered by Overtone and how you can expect the results to turn out: 



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Pastel Conditioners


Overtone’s pastel-shaded conditioners provide a softer and more subtle color. If your natural hair color or “starting” hair color is more along the lines of light red or light blonde, you can try out a shade from this range of colors. If your starting hair color is darker, however, chances are that the pastel colors will be too subtle to notice. 




vibrant overtone hair color

Vibrant Conditioners


Overtone’s deep shaded conditioners deposit a color that is highly pigmented and bright. If the starting shade is red or medium to light blonde, these vibrant conditioners can bring incredible results to your hair!




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Extreme Color Conditioners


Overtone’s extreme color conditioners are in a different class of their own, as they offer a more intense color. This type of conditioners can give you a bold color that is intensely pigmented.

If your hair is a darker blonde or a lighter brunette, this is the one you can choose for best results. If your original hair color is a light blonde, you can expect amazingly vibrant results with these boldly-colored formulas.




overtone for brown hair


Color Conditioners For Brown Hair


Overtone also has a whole range of shades specifically tailored for brown hair.

This range of conditioners is highly pigmented and brings great results to people with darker or dark hair. It is ideal for starting shades that are light to a darker brown.




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Basic Overtone Hair Color Conditioners 


Overtone’s basic color conditioners are of a rich and multidimensional pigmented shade. It is best suited for use with various starting shades and can bring out natural-looking hair colors for all of them – light hair or dark hair. 

As a general rule of thumb, remember that Overtone performs best on already-bleached hair – that way, the pigment is absorbed better and the results are most vibrant. Also, remember that if your hair varies in color, your darker strands will not absorb the color as well as your lighter hair strands – so the same product can bring different results to your hair, depending on whether it is lighter or darker. 




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Daily Overtone Hair Color Conditioner


 Another great product in Overtone’s collection is their daily conditioner. It is intended for everyday use – it maintains your hair color, while providing your hair with some extra hydration. 

While it is not as pigmented as the other Overtone hair color depositing conditioners, it was specifically designed to keep your existing hair shade looking bright and fresh in between coloring treatments. For best results, deposit the initial color into your hair with Overtone’s more pigmented conditioners, and use this product to maintain or refresh that shade.



Here’s a few options you can explore if you are looking to try Overtone’s color conditioning treatment at home:


1,427 ratings 

1,427 ratings

1,427 ratings

1,427 ratings



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287 ratings

100 ratings




5 Best Tips On Overtone Hair Color Depositing Conditioners:


We have compiled a list of our best tips for making your first time experience with Overtone pigmented conditioners smooth and problem-free. 



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Tip #1: Conduct a “Strand Test”


Whenever you are applying a new Overtone hair color, it is highly recommended that you take it for a test run on one of your strands before you apply it all over your hair.


As a result, if you are happy with how the color looks, you can apply it confidently to the rest of your hair. You will know that the shade will turn out exactly as you had expected it.






Tip #2: You Can Apply It In The Shower


As we have previously mentioned, Overtone coloring hair products are pigmented conditioners. They were designed specifically to simplify your hair color routine, so you can color your hair while taking a quick shower too!


Apply the conditioner to wet and clean hair, but completely saturate the strands for even coverage in the process. For that, you can use a wide tooth comb in order to spread the color evenly throughout the entirety of your hair. After that, let the conditioner sit in your hair for about fifteen minutes before thoroughly rinsing it with warm water. You will notice a lot of color in the water, however, don’t be scared – Overtone hair color will not stain your shower!


Overtone hair treatment formulas were designed to perform even better in hot or warm water. The warmness helps open the hair’s cuticle so that the color can deposit more effectively.






Tip #3: You Can Apply it on Dry Hair Too!


If you want a brighter color, apply the coloring conditioner to dry but clean hair. But make sure that you are wearing an old T-shirt while you do this. Otherwise, you will get stains all over your clothes and these stains might be rather hard to remove.


The hair cuticle can absorb more pigment when there are no water molecules involved in the process. That is a slightly more efficient application method as more pigment means more color!


Before the application, make sure you are wearing protective gloves, and make sure you apply a barrier cream on your hairline to protect your skin from staining. Once applied, allow the conditioner to rest for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it as directed in the first step. 






Tip #4: You Can Mix Overtone Shades!


An Overtone hair color conditioner comes with a lot of different options. You can easily mix one shade of coloring conditioner with another – if you are in the mood to be a bit innovative with your hair. Contrary to popular belief, it will bring better color results.


Overtone has a variety of fun hair coloring kits that you can choose from, but you can also choose to design your own! To create a custom hair color, combine two or three shades of the coloring conditioners. Or maybe even more – you can get as creative with it as you’d like 🙂 


However, remember not to overdo it – mixing a lot of colorful shades together can result in a brownish-grey hair color, much like when you were a kid mixing paint with your fingers!






Tip #5: Remember to Wear Gloves


Some of the coloring conditioner shades can be a bit more pigmented than others. As a result, it can leave a semi-permanent stain on your clothes and a temporary stain on your skin after the application process.


It might take some time, and a LOT of hand washing to get rid of these stains. We recommend you to wear gloves to save yourself from this hassle.


After that, you can rinse and re-use the same gloves the next time you need to refresh your hair color 🙂  Pro tip: for best results you can apply the coloring treatment with a special brush.





How To Apply Overtone Hair Color Conditioner:


Overtone Hair Color Conditioner is meant for not only depositing color, but also for deep conditioning treatments. They are designed to add new colors to your hair, or to brighten and refresh a color that may have faded with time.


Their coloring conditioner treatment is made to give your hair an extra-hydrating pop of color, allowing you to maintain salon-quality results at home.


Now that we have covered everything else let us get down to the application process. So without further ado, here it is:


• Step 1: Apply to dry or wet hair. Depending on your desired results, both wet or dry hair applications work great. But we recommend using it on dry hair for the best color depositing effect. 


• Step 2: Apply and distribute the Overtone Coloring Conditioner evenly and liberally to your hair. Look out for any areas that may require an additional splash of color. For best results, use a brush when applying the coloring conditioner to your hair. 


• Step 3: Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least ten minutes and a maximum of fifteen minutes. Let it work its magic!


• Step 4: Finally, rinse the color out with some warm water. You can repeat this process once every week or whenever you think your hair is in need of an extra color boost!



Bonus! Here’s A Few Hair Color Ideas to Help You Get Inspired:







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Hair goals, am I right? 🙂 




A Few Final Words:


We hope you found our guide on applying Overtone hair color conditioner handy! Remember to follow all the steps that we have listed, and say hello to your new, stunning hair color – all from the comfort of your own home!

Remember that Overtone hair color is not a hair dye per se, so it is not going to last very long. Instead, it is intended for regular use to keep your hair looking gorgeous every day! 🙂 

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