We’re Eying These 10 Spring 2019 Items From Jane

Holy moly! spring is here and we can’t wait to start the spring cleaning in our wardrobe (and off course – donate to charity!) because you know, we have to make a room for the 2019 fresh new look.
You probably know that feeling when winter is almost over and you just can’t see your heavy worm clothes anymore? That’s us, right now. We spent a few evenings scrolling our Insta feed, gathering precious inspo from all of our fashion heroes and decision about what kind of look we’re aiming to achieve this spring (including getting a straight line medium bob, no bangs!), and have a clear vision of it.

We know you have your own fashion online nooks you purchase almost automatically (it’s nice when they already have your address and all… we get it) but when you narrow your online shopping to the same websites, you can miss great deals. Worry not, and let us introduce you to
This website has great deals and very surprising pieces, with a verity of sizes. These 10 items are currently on our “I Need It!” list. The new you can thank us later (-;

In this article, we use links to promote products sold by others (in this case, Although we will receive compensation for purchases you will make using these links, they do not compromise our genuine editorial recommendations (and by doing this we can help JollySlice keep moving!).

1# The Hazel Skirt

If you’re tired of skinny jeans, swap them for a light buttoned skirt, just like this one. This spring, it can actually work with sandals, sneakers, ankle boots – so many options!


2# Elegant Ruffle Short Sleeve Top

This shirt will fit perfectly with the hazel skirt and with your favorite skinny jeans!


3# Favorite All Occasion Heel

Because you will need these pair for any look, in spring 2019…


4# Spring Dress with Functional Buttons and Pockets

Because perfection…


5# Stone Washed Shorts

How can we deal hot days without a good pair of shorts?


6# Distressed Frayed Overalls

As seen every minute on your spring 2019 Insta feed!


7# Cactus Tote Bag

Except for being adorable, this bag has enough room to carry pretty much anything and everything.


8#Boutique Barrettes

There is something about that unique finishes that’s got us all intrigued. Also, their neutral shades make them so wearable (especially if you’re not a “barrette girl”).


#9 Tassel Drop Earrings

These statement earrings offer an easy way to incorporate a little color into your look.


#10 Belted Wide Leg Jumpsuit

So elegant!




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