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The Hottest Vibrant Hair Color Trends That Will Dominate 2019

We’re welcoming 2019 with curiosity about what will be the hair color new obsessions. We asked an expert stylist which hair vibrant and unique colors will be most popular in 2019, and the results are in. Steven Austin, an award-winning hair artist revealed his predictions for the hottest hair vibrant color hair trends we are about to see everywhere this upcoming year, and just between us – we can’t wait!

Corals -The Pantone’s color of 2019 is living coral


Orange will be brighter, less coppery


Reds will be brighter, less auburn


We will see more of these Pastels…

According to Steven, pastels will still be as popular, both muted and semi vibrant and pay attention to this one: “Pinks and violets will always be most requested!”


Color melting will still be popular

Steven says, that instead of a full head it’ll be a solid color underneath of just one color, then a color melt over the top or vice versa.


Hair sparkles/tinsel

On Steven’s Facebook page survey, 91% admitted they would love to adopt the hair sparkles trend all year long (not just during the holidays). “Hair Tinsel is HUGE with my clients, everyone wants sparkly hair!! Lol, however, it’s actually been around for a few years, I’m just trying to give it the exposure it deserves and to show it can look quite classy and help to enhance colors!” Says Steven.


Natural colors such as blondes and brunettes will become warmer

According to Steven, 2019 might also bring some good news for brunettes “golden blondes, buttery blondes, rose brown, mahogany browns – we can see this shift happening already; more and more people are moving away from silver’s and greys and cool metallics (finally!!!)”


But those of you who tried vibrant colors know most of them requires high maintenance. Luckily, Steven has some great pieces of advice to keep your hair color from fading. These tips are absolutely GOLD.

Steven’s tips for hair color maintenance

“Home maintenance is key to longevity, I tell all my clients the following:

1.Wash as little as possible- 1-2 times a week
2. Dry shampoo in between washes, I advise using manic panic hair freshener as it’s completely color safe
3. Wash in cool/cold water, this is particularly important as not only does it increase longevity but it also prevents multiple colors running into each other.
4. Turn temperature down on hair dryers and heat stylers
Use a threat protection spray – It’s quite a change what people are used to but it’s worth it!”

“And as for products, Adds Steven, “Use Olaplex Shampoo and conditioner, it’s sulfate free and therefore color safe as well as moisturizing and it helps to strengthen the hair. Also, Use Olapex no3 weekly for strength and condition.”

Images: Steven Austin


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