Influencer Of The Month: Lisa Marie

According to Cosmopolitan, German fashion tendencies lean more towards comfort than style. That statement is partially true especially with footwear, you will find more sneakers than high heels. However, the ladies in Germany know how to combine fashion with comfort. While searching for German fashion trends I came across Lisa Marie, a young marketing expert with a passion for fashion and travel.

Lisa’s Instagram feed instantly drew me with different color pallets and flattering patterns. Her style is really simple and casual, yet very feminine and flattering.

Let’s take a look at a few outfits to see how she makes it work.

The “ right “ red dress. Everyone says that

having a black dress or two is essential for a fashionista. But what about a red dress? The song “ lady in red” says it all. The right red dress is all you need to make a lasting impression. Lisa gives the outfit a finishing touch by layering delicate necklaces. This look works equally well for a fancy dinner or a catch -up lunch

Fall is here and we are pulling out our soft cozy sweaters. Lisa is wearing an azure sweater, which is perfect for summer into fall transition. The color is giving off the summer sea vibes while the texture looks so cozy, literally screaming fall.

While looking through Lisa’s feed we could not pass this picture. Aside from the adorable baby deer, take a look at this floral dress Lisa is wearing. This multi -pink dress is super fun and girly. And who said that sneakers and dresses don’t go together?

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