How To Easily Break In Your New Shoes?

Whether your new shoes pinch your toes, run your heels, or cause your arches to scream in pain, there is no reason to fall victim to your footwear. Follow these simple tips to be able to wear your favorite heels, loafers, flats, and any other shoe with comfort and ease.

Wearing the Shoes for the First Time

Don’t take the shoes out of the box, slap them on your feet, and go to a ten hour work day. If the shoes have not had adequate time to mold and conform to your feet, you better believe your feet will be in pain at the end of the day. The trick is to take your new shoes out for short trips. Start by wearing them around the house with thick socks to create a barrier between your skin and the shoe.

Once they start to break in, wear them out to dinner, running errands or during some other short trip. Wear them only a couple of hours at a time, slowly progressing until the shoes are comfortable enough to be worn all day long. Always working to protect the skin is critical when breaking in shoes. Band aides help a lot for toes, and pantyhose or dress socks can nurture the heel during the breaking in process.

Use Shoes Expanders And Stretchers

No one wants to give up beautiful new shoes. Whether you got them as a present or bought them online, you can still try to fix the problem by expanding and stretching the pair. There are many solutions to the problem that it will be useful to have at home, like shoe expanders. Under 20$ the shoe stretcher stretches your shoes width and length.

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Break In Your New Shoes: Other Tricks to Try

There are several products out on the market to help soothe your feet. Get a gel insole to lay down the base of the shoe to give your arches support and comfort, or get a heel liner to prevent the back of the shoe from rubbing on the heel. Visit your local shoe or athletic store to find the best shoe insert for you. You can also buy popular name brands at Target, Wal-Mart, or most drugstores. Dr. Scholls offers a variety of products, as does Spenco.

Last Resort

If you find that you cannot get the shoes to be comfortable enough to wear, do not automatically toss the pair back in the closet never to be worn again. There are other options. Contact your local shoe store to inquire about a shoe stretcher or shoe tree. This device is inserted into the shoe and left there for several hours to help the shoe stretch out a bit.

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