9 Professional Tips for Accessorizing Your Business Attire

All jewelry is not created equal. Not only is there a big difference in quality, price, and style, but also trends, there is a large divide between what you can wear with jeans and what you can wear to work every day.

When you browse jewelry for work, you need to be extra selective. You want your accessories to help convey confidence, not a throwback to your teenage years or a night at the club.

Below are 9 professional tips for accessorizing your business attire with jewelry.

1. Less is More

Less is more is a universal statement that applies to a lot of things in life. When it comes to jewelry and the workday, less is always more. Your coworkers and boss do not want to hear you coming from the other room when you have an armful of bangles and several long necklaces that jingle when you walk.

Stick with a simple bracelet and a single necklace. You can add a charm to either or both, but do not have more than one charm per piece of jewelry. You are not a cat, no one needs to know where you are at all times.

2. Wear a Watch

Of course, everyone checks their cell phones for the time. However, when you are at an office job, you should present yourself in a more professional manner. Wearing a watch conveys the fact you are conscientious about the time and a responsible individual.

You do not have to invest in an expensive watch, but it should not be plastic with any type of character on it. A simple leather band or gold bracelet with a smaller watch face will do for an everyday timepiece.

3. Earrings

You can still wear hoop earrings but opt for the smaller loops that “hug” your ears. A single post of a gold bulb or a small diamond stud will accent your ears nicely without being too much.

If you have dangling earrings, make sure they are silent and are not long enough to touch your shoulders. Save these kinds for the club or date night. The smaller the earrings, the more put together, you will look.

4. Go for the Gold

When it comes to jewelry, gold is better than all the rest. Opt for the real thing as an artificial, gold will turn your fingers green and tarnish faster. This will make your accessories look cheap.

Real gold is better for your skin and will last longer than the cheap fake jewels. There are many styles of jewelry that has a mixture of different weights of gold, and these will also last longer than imitation gold.

5. Rings

Again, less is more when it comes to rings. You don’t want to look like an older woman with two hands full of rings from several different relationships. One or two rings, besides a wedding set, are acceptable.

Your rings should be tasteful and understated. They should not be large or overly religious or represent your love for dolphins. A simple, detailed band or a small gemstone on a smooth ring is enough for the office.

6. Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are mostly large necklaces that help coordinate an outfit. You will want to make sure these types of pieces are not clashing with your wardrobe but holding it up as professional attire.

Typically, when wearing a statement necklace, you skip all other jewels and accessories. You do not want to overload your body with bling, even if the other pieces are small and simple. A statement necklace is typically a group of large beads or a combination of small and large gems, sometimes suspended on a thin wire to make it look as if they are floating.

7. Brooches

A modest brooch may not go with all your outfits, but they are not meant to be worn every day. Save them for simple, plain blouses, suits or a coat dress. Avoid ones with large animals and feathers. Stick to the simple designs so they are more of an accent and not a statement.

You may remember that brooches were big in the 80s when big hair and shoulder-padded jackets and blouses were all the rage. Many of the pins of that era were larger and contained several different items. Some of them looked like a billboard attached to a shoulder.

8. A Single Strand of Pearls

Whether they are real or fake, a single strand of pearls is needed in your accessory kit. You may not wear them often, but they are a nice piece to fall back on when you need to wear something but can’t decide what. A strand of pearls goes with plain white blouses and large bold print dresses. They also complement a tailored suit, no matter if there is a skirt and jacket or pants and blazer. A single strand of quality pearls can never be wrong.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush made the single strand of pearls a staple for all women, working outside the home or simply attending a luncheon. She carried the trend from the 80s up until her death in2018. During Mrs. Bush’s funeral, nearly all the women in attendance were wearing her signature strand of pearls.

9. Show Off Your Style

You can be an individual, and show off your style without getting too “funky” with your accessories. Experiment with colors and different textures, just keep it low-key and don’t add everything at one time.

If you have a special piece of jewelry you really want to show off, but it doesn’t go with any of your daily clothing, wear it on casual Friday or for a night out with your coworkers.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good quality jewelry. Spend a little more on a few good pieces and then add smaller, less valuable rings, earrings, and necklaces to round out your jewelry box.

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