Ikea Latt Hack Chalkboard Yellow

Ikea LATT Table Hack: From Invisible to Exciting

This Ikea Latt Hack DIY was originally posted on a former cicle of Jolly Slice, When it was a small blog. My son never used the Ikea LATT table I bought him, so the table became absolutely invisible to him, and for some time, it just stuck in the living room, looks bland, pale, and totally useless.

I love the idea of “Ikea Hacking”, but never got to do it myself. However, the Ikea LATT is a good product to start with, because it’s relatively easy, and the ideas are numerous. I chose to mix up between a chalkboard he could paint on, and a table to play on.

In case you didn’t notice, I really like yellow. Bright and bold. I can’t be intimidated…

I used acrylic paint. It was one of these deceptive tasks which looks like a “piece of cake” and ends up to be A LOT of work. The table and the chairs needed at least 4 coats of paint! It looked like I’m going to paint it forever – over and over again.

For the chalkboard, I used “home made” chalkboard paint. This one also wasn’t easy, and I will dedicate a separate post to it, very soon. If it’s the first time you try to make your own chalkboard paint, make sure to try it first with a small amount to get to know the textures and the amounts needed, before mixing it in a project.

The result: The table was a huge surprise and went from invisible to exciting!

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