White wash wood

DIY Whitewash a Wood Shelf

White wash wood is usually used to revive an old piece of wooden furniture while keeping the wood grain visible. However, you can whitewash any unfinished wood, even new (like some types of furniture from Ikea).

But first – Why should you whitewash unfinished wood in the first place? Well, I love natural unfinished wood pieces of furniture, but over the years, unfinished wood tends to get a yellowish color. However, I DO like the beautiful wood grain and texture and wouldn’t want to cover it all up with solid white paint. The solution to this is whitewashing it! And so I did…

Whitewashing is very simple and even fun – anyone can whitewash wood (kids can join the party too)!

Some use a brush and rage, I skip the brush and keep it simple.

This is a shelf I bought recently and wanted to whitewash it so it would blend with the entire decor of my living room.

You’ll Need:

White paint
Mixing cup

The Process:

1. Mix 2 parts white paint with 1 part water.

2. Dip a clean rag into the paint and wipe it over the wood, in the direction of the wood grain.
3. Repeat until you are satisfied with the results.
4. Let it dry for a couple of hours.

And, that’s it…

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