Disney World vegan desserts

6 Vegan Desserts To Try At Disney World

Traveling vegan at Disney World is not as difficult as you might think, Walt Disney World is one of the best places people of any diet can go; The restaurants are super accommodating and just require a quick chat with the chef at worst. Almost every dining location has an allergy menu that caters to vegans. In the case of Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs, the whole place is vegan! Here are some of the top, can’t miss Disney World vegan desserts!

6 Vegan Desserts To Try At Disney World


1. Dole Whip


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Top of the list on everybody’s book has got to be the Dole Whip. Ever popular and oh so vegan. This soft serve treat and its other fruit flavored cousins are all made dairy free. It’s a good thing too. Despite being frozen, it is one of the hottest commodities at Disney World.

2. Micky Waffles


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Mickey waffles, there can often be pancakes too! speak with a chef or coordinator to get vegan/gluten free Mickey waffles.


3. Kakigori

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This weird sounding dessert treat can be found at a cart just outside the Japan Pavilion. It’s basically shaved ice, but here there is just something special about it. There is a level of consistency to the flavor that is not common with this type of frozen treat. Try it for yourself, and head inside Mitsukoshi for even more vegan sweets!


4. Fresh Fruit and Sorbet

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This is something you can get on the menu at Animal Kingdom Lodge in Jiko and Boma. The fruit is seasonal and they add creamy avocado sorbet and chocolate syrup. It’s a delicious and sweet treat that is totally unique and fantastically vegan. It’s worth noting that vegan ice cream in the form of Tofutti can be found virtually anywhere in Disney World that ice cream is sold, including Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, Beaches & Cream, and Hollywood Scoops.


5. Half Dipped Cookies


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Just one of the many fabulous treats you can pick up at Erin McKenna’s NYC Bakery in Disney Springs is the fantastic Half dipped cookies. they offer. This is one of the top vegan desserts, but this bakery is seriously awesome for vegan treats. They even distribute in other locations of Disney World, like the Animal Kingdom.


6. Chocolate Dipped Banana


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Also at Disney Springs, be sure to stop by Ghirardelli and ask about their vegan chocolate dipped banana. The huge banana coated in delicious non-dairy semi-sweet chocolate is a can’t miss while you are there.

Vegan food is not too hard to come by in Disney World. The most important thing is to ask and make sure you note your needs with every reservation. I hope you love these Disney World vegan desserts. let me know if you have any other personal favorites.


Image: Joel Sutherland

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