Used Luck is Rebranding – What’s now, What’s New?

After so much thinking, and pondering about it, the decision was made – Used Luck, is going nowhere. Inspirational speaking, I needed a change, and a chance to Make something BETTER.
During the last 5 years with Used Luck, I’ve learned so much about blogging, social media and all the related subject and I realized the change can’t be minor. To step forward, It’s time for a total makeover, and it means one thing – REBRAND!

So, What’s Now?

Well, the best posts, (like the Ikea Latt table hack) just moved in to Jolly Slice, and they fit very well. And the new blog… well, it’s more like a women’s magazine.
So, we’ve lost some SEO juice during this transfer, but I know in my heart, it will pay off.
You are more than welcome to stay, share, follow, and be inspired.



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