This 10$ Photography Prop Will Change Your Photos Forever

Whether you need to display products with a low (or no) budget, or if you just need to step up your Instagram game – This simple trick will change the way you take photos for Instagram – forever. Yap. New born babies photographers are using it to take newborn photos that are beautiful, in at the same time – keeps baby warm and cozy. It’s actually a fake fur you could buy online for up to 10$. We took some actual photos to demonstrate the amazing shoots you could get so easily:

1. Use natural light

2. Place your items properly

There are so many composition rules in photography, and you should probably read an article or two about it, to decide what is your personal style. BUT REMEMBER, No matter what you chose – placing your item in the center, Messi and tilted or whatever – Just be consistent about your choice. It will help you achieve a more aesthetic feed and a cohesive voice.

3. Edit your photos

Always edit your photos before going online. The coolest thing is, you can basically do anything you want editing-wise with mobile. We recommend using A Color Story App, which synchronizes with your Instagram feed, and show you how the new pic fits in before it is published, Future more, it allows you to save a bunch of filters you used on a single photo and actually name it, and save it for later. This is awesome, because it helps you edit in one click, and keep up with your cohesive feed!


That’s it!

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