How to Beat the TIME Challenge in Blogging

So, you decided to run your own blog. That’s nice. At the beginning, you had a reason that motivated you. But over time, you had more important things to do, like working, taking care of your daily tasks, etc.… and guess what? A month had passed without a single post on your blog. Sounds familiar? You are probably HUMAN.

There is no way to get MORE time. The only thing in this world you can’t buy, is time. But still, the main difference between successful people to others is how they USE their time.

How can you beat the biggest challenge of blogging, when it’s NOT your full time job? Try these 5 creative ways to beat the time challenge, and boost your way back!

1. Plan your future posts

It’s nice to have a will to write, but without planning, it’s just your will. And you know how unfulfilled dreams can bite us the most. Therefore, we must plan. One way to do it is by creating a list of your future posts. If you are still not sure about the whole content of the post, it’s ok – the headline would be enough for that stage.

2. Use editorial calendar

Planning is good, but real commitment is much more important. If you could estimate the time you have for your blog and decide how many times you could post per week or per month – you can use an editorial calendar and really commit yourself to do it.
An editorial calendar could be Google calendar, WordPress plugins (if you use WP), a simple excel table, or just a chalk board!

3. Post about your life

If you have absolutely no time for posting something new, how about posting “on the go”? I mean, you do have a life. If you invite friends over for dinner, prepare a table, and cook a meal that you know everybody likes – you could take pictures of everything and post about it later. It’s just an example. want more? Post about your holiday, favorite market, decor changes around the house – These are all blog materials!

4. Write down your ideas

Great ideas come to us when we least expect them. When we walk down the street, while driving, or even a minute before we fall asleep. We feel creative and promise to ourselves – “tomorrow”. But tomorrow comes, and we remember we had a fantastic idea about a new post… and it’s gone. Always write down your ideas, because it may never come back. You could do it by carrying a notebook or even by sending yourself an email. Find what works for you, and DO IT.

5. Remember WHY you are doing this

There is a famous quote of Friedrich Nietzsche I really like: “He who has a way to live for can bear almost any how.”
When you truly want something, and you have the reason to do so, you will do anything to achieve it. So remember this when you are exhausted, after a hard day, trying to reach the remote control, or your phone – you have a reason. It will help you get up, and write. If you can’t write an entire post, start a draft. Continue tomorrow.

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