3 Golden Rules for Creating Your Instagram Aesthetics

How would you define your personal vibe? Well, finding a unique and great Instagram aesthetic for yourself can be difficult. But, since there are so many great accounts out there, the only thing you have to do, is watch and follow.

These 3 rules could help you define your own voice, and turn it into a mesmerizing Instagram account:

1. Define a visual strategy

I dare to say, the first thing you might notice when you visit one of your favorite Instagram profiles, is that perfect harmony. You probably know in a glace, which photo you see on your feed, belongs to which account.
Luckily, there is no magic involved in the process – you can achieve this harmony by defining your visual strategy.

Think about the kinds of feelings or emotions you want your audience to get from visiting your profile, and then, turn it into few shot, rememberable sentences. need some examples? there you go:

Soft and fluffy + pink and airy + positive and funny
boho and oriental + wood and stones + nature and rustic

These sentences could be remembered and help you know which photos are right for your account, and which… just don’t belong there. It’s a long run commitment, but the outcome will stun you.

2. Create a Color Palette – and Stick to It

The biggest decision you will ever make for your Instagram account, before even fretting about hashtags and advanced engagement, is a basic color palette. This helps make your images and look like one connected collection, rather than a jumbled of moments.

This is a super simple strategy that really boosts your profile’s overall impact. The color choices will make or break your account.

A Beautiful Mess Instagram (see how the yellows pop out!)


Just by looking at these top professional profiles, you can tell they would never upload a photo, if it’s not the perfect match.

3. Have a consistent theme

The most popular Instagram accounts are consistent. always. You know what to expect, and you receive it. just like at your favorite restaurant.
In the same sense that you need a consistent color scheme, you also need a theme. A theme can also involve staying true to certain composition guidelines: a selfie, a quote, a still object, ect. you can also use a third party program for managing your feed and take a zoom out before each post.
This will help you develop your audience, nurture hashtags, and build loyal followers.

The Dainty Squid Instagram (Perfect composition and colors!)

At first, you will probably feel it’s an un natural way of managing your feed, but you can have my word on this one – after working like this for awhile, you will look back and would never believe the person who manage your account was you. yes. and it’s a good thing, because the only way to know you evolve, is not liking your previews photos – ask any artist or graphic designer what they think about the work they made two years ago.

So… ready to step up? we are waiting for you – tag @jollyslice in your best photos and we will repost it!



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