10 Blogging Tools to Help You Work Like a Pro


Blogging is a great way to grow an online presence, and an opportunity to publish content and reach audiences. However, Creating, and promoting content takes a lot of time, and need to be done properly right from the start. If you want to be a professional blogger, it would be a smart thing to manage it like a business, by using the best blogging tools out there, that make the process easier.

Wondering what are the best blogging tools for your blog? We’ve gathered a list of our “must haves” to help you manage your blog like a real pro:


If you want to start your blog like a Pro,, blog is the recommended choice (we are NOT talking about!) WordPress is a versatile content management system that gives you, the blog owner, the complete control over your content, tools, and website design.

2. A Hosting Service

The next important thing when you have a WordPress site, is a good hosting service. It is very important to manage your site with full human online support and solutions “for dummies” like site migration tool and more. The aim is to have a peace of mind regarding the site maintenance, hacker attacks and speed. We use Upress hosting services and sleep very good at nights.

3. Poptin

Another way to drive readers to your blog content is through email marketing. From regular newsletters to announcements, email marketing keeps your audience informed and engaged. It is never too soon to start your own mailing list. And we mean, NEVER. The best time to start collecting emails from your readers is right now. It’s very important to reach out for them and add them to your mailing list. Using Poptin as your smart popup, is an easy way make your first pop up, adjusted for your blog design and preferences.

4. Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a short piece of Javascript code that you install on your website to optimize your Facebook Ad distribution. The pixel uses your blog to collect user data, gives you more insights on your customers and opens up many advertising doors.

2. Google Analytics

What do you know about the traffic on your site? Questions like, What is the most read article. how much time people spend in your blog, where did they came from and more, can be answered by installing and using Google Analytics. Get it, use it, and by that, you will also improve your content.

5. Whitesmoke

Ones you had started your blog, you will need to write articles – In SEO thinking, “the more the merrier”. Finding your own voice, tone and style could take some time, and not all of us were born natural blog writers – and even if we are talented in writing, there is always a place for a self check. We recommend (at least in the first year) using WhiteSmoke – an automatic brilliant tool for grammar and style check.

6. Yoast SEO

OMG, this one is also a must have, from day one. Do not post without it, because it will teach you how to write and what tags to add to your posts in order to make it SEO super friendly. Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin used to optimize a website and blog content for search engines. Everything from the technical aspects of SEO to improving the readability of a page can be accomplished using this handy plugin.


These days, there are so many free stock photos websites out there, but if you want to pick only one and keep it in your favorites, it would definitely be Unsplash. No doubts, this site contains the most artistic, yet, usable photos, all free for personal and commercial use.

8. Picmonkey

To cut, resize and make your photos more appealing, and for more fun filters, and collages, using Picmonkey is the fastest and easiest choice. You will not need any graphic design skills for this amazing tool – just start editing your photos. Remix, design, refine with the PicMonkey Mobile app.

9. Vg link

Using Affiliate links in your content, is one way to monetize your blog. Some bloggers do not like this choice, but maintaining a blog is an ongoing, hard work that (in our opinion) deserves a reward. However, to be honest with your readers, always use affiliate links from products you love and use yourself. Tools such as VG link, can help you find many affiliates program to join, and share with love!

10. Instagram Scheduling Tools

After all the efforts you put in your blog, the next step is spreading the word by using social media. But, while most bloggers remember to post on their FB page, lots of them forget Instagram. The mission of managing Instagram doesn’t have to be overwhelming, thanks to tools like Later, that help you schedule and mange your upcoming posts, so you won’t have to remember.

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