These 5 Nail-Polish Stickers Could Help You Skip The Salon

As we stand closer to the summer, eying those cute manicure ideas on Instagram make us wanna try something new. If you don’t have an hour to spend in the nail salon, or if you’re short on budget, maybe it’s time to try some new DIY nail art! Well, why not? In front of your favorite tv show, in less than an hour, you too could have ME time.

Scroll through our guide to the top 5 nail-art kits for this summer – for your next vacation, work, or for no reason at all (-:

1. Leopard Nail Stickers (Korean Style)

We absolutely adore this nail art stickers kit, that screams “Stylish!”. Korean girls know precisely what they are doing…

Image: Amazon

2. Kiss Everlasting French Glue-On Nails Kit

French manicure is the only mani we can’t get enough of. Also, it is the best choice whenever you feel overwhelmed by too many options. This Kit is nail magic, and actually pretty short and looks natural. as one reviewer applies: “the very best as far as to stick on nails.”

Image: Amazon

3. Confetti And Pink

These nail stickers are sooo sweet and tasteful and would fit any occasion – your office party, or the hottest night club.

Image: Amazon


4. White Lace Nail Art Stickers

For the bride to be, or just because you love it – you don’t need an excuse for lacy nails!

Image: Amazon

5. Press On Holographic Nails 

Don’t call me fake! these lovely press on holographic nails looks absolutely amazing and are super easy to press and forget.

Image: Amazon



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