The 9 Best Pink Nail Colors We Absolutely Love

Want to “nail it” with the freshest nail polish color this summer? I must admit pink, pink, pink is my favorite color. It’s classic and just between us – what’s not to love about pink nail polish?

Best Pink Nail Polishes – Our Top 9 Favorites

We’ve made a list for you all pink lovers of our favorites pink nail polishes to try this summer (because we are soul mates!). Try them on and let us know if you dig it!

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish, Cake By The Ocean

This pink nail polish is our top pick! from everyday use to bridal perfect color. It can be naive and sweet, but also, super sexy.


2. Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Glitters, A Little Lovely

Did anyone say GLITTERS… and PINK? this bottle looks amazing and the reviews are not far behind: “Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Buy this.” commented JBritt. And we agree.

3. Little Ondine Peel off Nail Polish, Cherry Blossoms

Wow, you really should try Little Ondins nail polish – they have zero smell, non-toxic nail polish you can easily peel off instead of using toxic materials. Cherry blossom is pure magic!


4. ILNP, Yes Please

Don’t you just love holographic nail polish? Well, try it with a pink shade (trust us, you will not regret trying!).


5. ella+mila Nail Polish, Sugar Puff

From the amazing Bon Bon collection, this pink nail polish is soft, creamy and easy to apply. We just love it!


6. NCLA Vegan Nail Polish, The Girl with the Most Cake

Don’t look too surprised to see another glittery pink nail polish, ok? We live to shine and glitters are our friends (-:

7. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Pink Blink

We trust Sally Hansen with our nails and this lovely fast drying nail polish is the kind of pink nail polish you can’t go wrong with.


8. Essie Nail Polish Lacquer, Crush Plus Blush

Another pink nail polish to grab this summer is Essie’s Crush Plus Blush. It has that specific twist you need when you want that sophisticated city girl boss look.


9. Little Ondine Pink Nail Polish

Another amazing pink from the lovely Little Ondine. You can try them all, but we’re here to talk about pink nail polish, so this super classic color is on our list.

Pink Is The New Black? Yap!

Like the old saying ‘pink is the new black’, well, this is my belief. Versatile and abundant, pink nail polish may seem bold to the nude polish trendsetters but pink nail polish colors are coming back and pink is at the top of the list! You know, there are hundreds of shades to choose from! starting with the lighter colors, close to nude (for you high-end business ladies) and diving into the bright and bold shades suited well for that weekend party you’re making an appearance at.

Does Your Pink Nail Polish Will Match Your Outfit?

From a band t-shirt and jeans to a classic business dress there is a shade of pink nail polish that will work for any occasion. 2019 is the year of pink polish and the trend is quickly growing. From shades of plain pink to adding in glitter and gems there are thousands of designs to choose from or the option to wing it and come up with your very own patterns.

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