3 Ways You Can Change Your Style for this Summer

Having been in lockdown for so long, a lot of us are looking forward to some excitement in life and being able to express our style properly and not just within the comfort of our own home. This will also be a perfect opportunity to change up your style a bit and make your appearance a little alternative. Summer is the perfect time to do this – people are often more experimental with what they wear in the summer, so you won’t stand out from the crowd too much if this is what you’d prefer. Here are a couple of simple ways you can change your style for this summer and feel like a refreshed and renewed version of yourself.

Have A Different Hairstyle And Color

One way you can change up your style is through your hair – both in its color and its style. Your hair is, without doubt, one of the first things that people notice about you when they see you, so whatever you go for will certainly be acknowledged by people you know (and those you don’t know so well!). This means that having your hair done will be a worthwhile investment – if you are going for a bit of a change, you want it to be obvious rather than being really subtle.

One good way to change your hair for the summer months is to go a few shades lighter, partly because it will be fitting with the colorful and flowy clothing that Is about and also because your head won’t heat up so much.
You should go to a trusted Hair Salon such as Zinke Hair Studio. The Zinke hair salon offers various services and could even go for both a cut and color. They’re based in two different Colorado locations, so you can choose depending on convenience.

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Buy Some Interesting Garments

Buying some cool clothing and accessories is another way to change up your style a little and is fun to do when you’re getting bored of what you currently wear. Maybe you have decided that now is the time to stray away from conventional fashion and wear things that are a bit more out there?

A top tip for looking a bit different from most other people you’d see on the street is to shop second hand, whether that be in charity shops, thrift stores, or on online platforms such as eBay or Depop. If you are buying second-hand, your items are much more likely to be unique and interesting and you won’t be walking around in the exact same clothing as other people you know.

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Finding true one-of-a-kind pieces will make you feel cool and original and is the perfect way to show your individuality and express yourself.

Be More Experimental With Your Makeup Choices

Makeup is super fun to wear and experiment with, so why not stray away from your regular makeup routine and try something a bit wackier?

This could be through wearing more or less, having different colored eyeshadow, or varying the shape or intensity of your eyebrows. Even really small changes with makeup can enhance certain features and completely alter the look of your face. Makeup is not permanent at all, so if you are feeling a big change then this is a great place to start to do a bit of experimenting. Many people see makeup as a kind of art with your face being the pallet, so don’t hold back on your creative side. Changing style is such a fun way to find yourself and what you like in terms of fashion. Once you learn to care less what others think, you will be able to embrace change and difference!

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