Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas Based on Makeup

Halloween is coming and it’s time to dream up the perfect costume! But hey… you waited and waited and now the pressure is on, and it seems like Every Halloween costume will require too much time, accessories and money…
Well, don’t give up on your dream of having the best costume ever, I’ve got your back here with last minute Halloween costumes ideas-based mainly on makeup!

These Halloween easy to create costume ideas requires an old dress, perhaps an evening dress you wore once but no longer need, or you can pop into a charity shop and find something cheap and interesting. The second thing you will need is makeup and some face paint which you can find in any drug store, art shops & costume shops, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

1. The Dead Bride Halloween Costume

This costume can work pretty well with a white dress and a veil (you can Improvise and use other materials such as lace curtains or tablecloth, which can be found in any second hand shop or dollar shops even. The dead bride costume can easily be transformed into a zombie bride by adding these creepy colour lenses.

Watch this tutorial by Britney Diane:

2. Dias de la Muertos Halloween Costume With a Sugar Skull Makeup

But First things first – What is a sugar skull? Sugar skull, AKA “calavera”, is a representation of a human skull, most often applied to edible and decorative skulls made from sugar or clay in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Watch this tutorial by Diana Quach:

Here’s what you will need for both costumes:

-black eyeliner pencil
-white cream or water based face paint
-white powder
-colourful & black eye shadows
-glitter and flat decorative gems stickers
-optional: eyelashes, colour lenses, fake blood (can be easily made at home!)
And liquid latex

*I recommend using a makeup sponge or brushes to apply the makeup and paint.

Photographer: Nigel McInarny

Makeup: Shelly Feldman

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