How to Choose the Right Perfume for You?

What makes you chose a perfume – the beauty of the bottle, the colorful ad, or your mood when you entered the store? For me, wearing the same perfume for more than a few months can be too much, so finding the scent I love and feel comfortable with, can be somewhat challenging. After giving away too many unloved perfumes, I learned how to take my time at the store and choose my perfume carefully (:

How to Choose the Right Perfume for You?

These are my 5 tips for choosing a perfume you would love and use until the last drop (and even buy a new one!)

Let your nose do the work, not your eyes

Don’t fall into visual traps of advertising. The images and colors can sometimes convince us to buy the perfume before we even tried it.

Don’t buy perfume when you’re tired

Tired, not focused or not feeling your best? Choosing the right perfume requires your full attention.

Go alone, or at least with someone helpful

Don’t even try to choose your perfume with kids, or with a friend who has no interest and only rushes you up. Instead, a bestie or a spouse who wants to be there with you can be priceless.

Image: My Tocca Cleopatra (favorite for the longest time I can remember)

Do you have more tips on choosing a perfume? Share them in the comments!


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