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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes [Complete Guide]

Most green-eyed beauties receive praises due to their stunning eye color. Green eyes are mysterious and intriguing on their own. After all, they have been called the world’s rarest eye color! While you don’t need any extra help to make your distinctive eye color stand out, there are many techniques to make them shine even more. For instance, there definitely is a best hair color for green eyes that will help you accentuate your naturally gorgeous eyes!



If you’ve already mastered several makeup techniques and altered your wardrobe to help your green eye color stand out, it is time to consider going for more flattering hair colors to complement your green eyes. Should you try a dark brown hair color, a blonde hair color, or a entirely daring shade? Thankfully, you have a wide variety of options.



When you try to determine the best hair color for green eyes, your skin tone is also an essential factor to consider. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the factors to consider when selecting the best hair color for green eyes, to assist you. These tips will undoubtedly make you shine and stand out in the crowd! So, stay tuned!



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Selecting the Best Hair Color for Green Eyes


To choose which hair color best compliments green eyes, you should first closely examine your skin tone. While certain hair colors are universally flattering, others are best suited to specific skin tones. Here are a few variables to consider while deciding on the best hair color for green eyes.



Examine Your Eye Color


It is much simpler to choose a suitable hair shade if you know your eye color. It allows you to pick what colors to use to highlight the green in your eyes or tone it down to bring out its cool or warm undertones.





Figure Out Your Skin Tone


Your skin tone does not refer to your skin color, nor does it indicate how dark or light it is. Rather, it relates to your skin tone, which might be warm, cold, or neutral. Examine your wrists in the sunlight to see whether this is the case.


If your veins seem blue or purple, you have a colder skin tone; if they appear green, you have a warm undertone. If you can’t tell for sure, your skin tone is most likely neutral or “olive.”





Consider Your Current Hair Color


If you have dark hair, opting for a much lighter tone may require a lot of work and may cause certain bleach-related damage to your hair. Instead, choose shades that are similar to your natural hair color in order to avoid damage. It is best to go with colors that are up to three shades lighter or darker.



Take a Close Look at Your Wardrobe


Take a good look at the clothing in your closet. Determine which colors will look best on you. If you look well in warm colors like yellow, red, orange, gold – then warm tones such as red, golden, burgundy, and rich browns are likely to look nice on you.


If you look excellent in cold hues like violet, blue, or green – colors like platinum blonde and ash brown will suit you best.





Which Hair Colors Will Make Green Eyes Pop?


When looking for the perfect hair color to match your green eyes, there are two key variables to consider: the undertones of your eyes and the tone of your skin. Taking these two factors into account, you can use our list to choose the perfect shade for your combination of eye color and skin tone.





Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Fair Skin Tones

Fair skin has a slight edge over darker skin tones, in a sense that most light and dark hair colors usually go well with it. There is no way to go wrong with fair skin if you consider your eyes’ undertones and skin tone.


How to Know if You Have a Fair Complexion:

  • Your wrist veins are very visible, and appear blue or purple.
  • Your skin is very fair, sometimes referred to as “porcelain skin”.
  • Your skin burns easily in the Sun.


Hair Color Ideas for Fair Skin:

  • Red: Experiment with deep and vibrant red hair colors, as well as brown with red undertones. Some maroon tones would also look lovely on fair-skinned folks with green eyes.
  • Brown hair: Any shade of brown will look well on those with fair complexion. You may select from golden brown, deep chocolate, different hues of ash blonde, and so on.
  • Blonde: Honey blonde, whites, and pale blonde tones complement fair complexion and green eyes.


Various dark and light hair colors can complement a fair skin tone and green eyes. If you have a paler complexion, it is best not to go for black hair, which will draw more attention to your fair skin and accentuate the paleness. However, if you have pinker cheeks, black hair will look amazing on you and make your green eyes really stand out.






Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tones

When your complexion has more yellow undertones than pink undertones, you are warm-toned. Warm hues such as red, orange, and yellow complement your skin, making you appear more bronzed and attractive. So, as a general rule of thumb, you might want to stick to a warm hair color. If you have a warmer skin tone, here are some suggestions.


How to Know If You Have a Warm Complexion:

  • The undertones of your skin are more yellow than pink.
  • Your wrist veins seem greenish.
  • Gold jewelry is suits you better than silver jewelry.
  • Your skin tans readily.
  • You have hazel-green eyes.


Hair Color Ideas for Warm Skin:

  • Blonde: Honey, gold, and butter platinum, champagne are just a few of the rich blondes that look great on those with a warm skin tone and green eyes.
  • Brown color: Rich chocolate brown, light caramel brown, and toffee hues look amazing on warm complexion tones. Consider adding some caramel highlights to the mix, to help you stand out even more!
  • Crimson: Burgundy with a red tinge would look particularly nice on you.


When your skin has a warm undertone, you should avoid black hair because it would look rather unflattering, unless you are really tan. Also, ash blonde and brown hair can make you appear tired and make you look a little older, so avoid cool tones. You might consider removing any hues of blue or violet from your list as well is you have a warm tone to your skin.





Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Olive Skin Tone

If you have an olive complexion, your eyes are likely to have golden specks in them. It makes your eyes and skin ideal for experimenting with different color combinations, since an olive skin tone is mostly considered “neutral”. Here are some color options for your olive complexion.


How to Know if You Have an Olive Complexion:

  • Your wrist veins seem green.
  • You have a yellow-green color complex.
  • Your skin does not burn in the Sun, you tan very easily.
  • You look great in clothing of almost any color.


Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin:

  • Blonde: Rich golden blonde will look great on olive complexion tones with green eyes. Definitely consider going for some golden undertones or golden highlights when picking your next hair shade.
  • Brown: Rich golden brown and chocolate brown will make you appear stunning with that beautiful skin tone.
  • Rich Auburn and Copper hair: These options will draw attention to the golden flecks in those green eyes.


Platinum blonde, ash, blue, violet, green, and other hues that are not entirely appropriate for people with olive skin tones should be avoided. However, green eyes are fairly uncommon in people with olive skin tones since their eyes usually have golden streaks.



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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Cold Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone and green eyes, you should choose light colors because there are not too many dark hues that could look nice on you. So, as long as you choose the proper tone, any color will do. Avoid wearing black, orange, or golden hair if you have a cool skin tone since the contrast between the skin and the hair will be too strong and might look a little “out of place”.


How to Know if You Have a Cool Complexion:

  • Your wrist veins have pale blue tones rather than green.
  • Silver jewelry looks wonderful on you.
  • You have a slight blue tinge to your skin, your skin can be sometimes referred to as “porcelain”.
  • Your skin tone is predominantly blue and pink, and you most likely have pale skin.


Hair Color Ideas for Cool Skin:

  • Blonde hair: Ashy blonde, white, platinum, strawberry, and pale hues will look gorgeous and complement green eyes.
  • Red: Purple, burgundy, and red with a purple tint will complement the green eyes and cool skin.
  • Brown: To complement your cool skin tone, try ash brown and soft chestnut colors!


Other colors, such as blue, violet, and others, work nicely as well. Black is not a good hair color for those with cool skin tones as it brings out the “paleness” of the skin. Use gold, caramel, and honey hues sparingly since they will dull your eyes and skin tone. It would be best if you avoid any hue with an orange undertone as well if your skin has a cool undertone. Light hair shades are the ideal complement to your lovely skin tone.



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Final Thoughts

Read this guide thoroughly before going to the store to select a hair color. You will never choose the wrong shade if you have read our complete tutorial on choosing the best hair color for green eyes. Hair coloring is always in trend, so seek colors that will give you a new fashionable look while causing minimal damage to your natural hair.


Hair coloring is enjoyable, and you may express yourself in any way you choose. But don’t forget to give your hair a little care. Hair Nourishment should be an essential component of your hair care regime. To maintain your hair healthily and glossy, use a decent shampoo and conditioner and regularly give your scalp and hair an oil massage.

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