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12 Ways to Spread the Boho Love in Your House

So you decided you want the bohemian look all around your house? A natural feel, with individuality and warmth? We got you. The Bohemian look is easy to achieve, mainly, because it’s all about bringing things in rather than taking them out. It’s about expressing your inner artist, or traveler, and loosen it up a […]

free stock photos

10 Tottaly Free Amazing Stock Photos Sites

free stock photos Stock photos, aka “stock photos”, actually image bank photos. these photos used to suffer from a justified bad reputation. Well, just a few years ago these photos were bad. Really bad. But, as times goes by I can tell you that stock photos had changed, Tremendously. And if you are a blogger, you […]

Society6 wall tapestries

Wall tapestries for super cool adults

The line between stylish to dorm style is very thin, especially when it comes to wall tapestries. Wall tapestries are back, and we like it. BUT, listen, choosing the right one can be tough. Society6 is probably on top of this trend, so we’ve found these cool and stylish wall tapestries for those of you […]