Nail Polish For Short Nails

Nail Polish For Short Nails: 12 Trendy Ideas To Try Today

Short nails? Don’t care!

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy neat and beautiful looking nails. No matter how short your nails are, if you need a pinch of confident to go there and have the hottest manicure (because you think your nail isn’t long enough) – We’ve got news for you: your body, your party, and you can make the best of it – proudly.
Raechel Ferguson, a super talented nail artist, knows just how to flatter short nails, with hand painted art, vivid colors, glitters, flowers and other creative ideas you might want to try.

Here they are! Nail Polish For Short Nails – 12 Trendy Ideas:

Coffee & Beans Short Nails Manicure


Floral painting trendy nails


Floral painting and fresh mint


Leopard (Handpainted) Print


Minimalistic Black & White Lines


Pink & Golden Stars On a Sheer Base

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Pink Water Coloring


“Ready For Texas” Nail Art


Unicorns And Pompoms Nail Art – Possible!


Minimalistic Simple Gentle Line


Happy 4th July Short Nails Art


Glitter Cuticles & Ombre


How To keep your short nails strong and healthy?

Keeping your short nails healthy, strong, and keep them from breaking can sometimes be frustrating. But luckily, Rachel Ferguson shared her solutions for keeping short nails looking pretty:


keep them moisturized!

“A good cuticle oil applied every night is great for the health of your nails and cuticle.”


don’t pick or peel off your gel polish or acrylic

“Peeling off products can peel off layers of your natural nail and cause your nails to become very thin.”


What nail color looks best on short nails?

We’ve asked so many nail addicts, what nail color will flatter short nails and received surprising answers; any color is good, as long as you keep your nails manicured. Some say simple red is the sexiest on short nails, while others will say you should consider light colors. So keep your nails moisturized and manicured, you can pick any color, and as you’ve seen here, even hand-painted. you go, girl!


Bite your nails? Nail polish can help break the addiction

In addition to Rachel’s tips, one reason for having short nails is an old biting habit. If you bite your nails regularly (not judging!), the best way to keep your nails safe is by having a beautiful nail polish (or nail builder gel) you wouldn’t like to wreck. Never be caught without it, and you will gradually build awareness of your nails, and learn how to avoid it.


Using Biotin for Nail Growth

You can also Strengthen your nails with HUM’s high potency, vegan formula (with the coolest package ever). A study showed women who were given biotin had Increased nail thickness, reduced splitting, and made the irregular dorsal surface of the nails more regular in women with brittle nails. You can find more information about this supplement on HUM’s website.


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