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These Tiny Houses Can Teach You Something Big About Simplicity

Most people decide whether to purchase a property, by seeking for certain features they need and want, like a large living room, or enough storage space. Over the years, it seems like we all just need more and more space. For us, for the kids, and mainly for our endless stuff.

But for some, deciding to go back to minimalism, to own less, and live in a smaller space – is a much better way of life.

These tiny homes owners have all shrunk down their living spaces and chose to live in a tiny ever clutterless homes. Their stories might teach you something big:

Tiffany the Tiny Home

Tim and Sam live and love with Tiffany – A tiny house who designed after a 1920’s craftsman style. Her custom stained glass windows and wall sconces help bring Louis Comfort Tiffany designs back from the 1920’s and into the 270 sq. In the blog, besides amazing photos, you will also find great tips and products.

(Images credit: Tiffany The Tiny Home)

A-Frame in Montana

Photographer Alla Ponomavera and her husband Garrett built this charming tiny A-frame cabin on their 20-acre Missoula, Montana property for just $700!! They used building plans and designs from tiny home master Derek “Diek” Diedreksen and upcycled materials to cut the cost nearly in half.

(Images credit: Alla Ponomareva)

Brodie by B&B Micro Manufacturing

The Brodie is a mobile tiny studio built by B&B Micro Manufacturing in North Adams, Massachusetts. The versatile space can be used as an office, camper, backyard guest house, art studio, massage room, workshop, she-shed, mobile clinic, or green room.

(Images credit: Steph Rapsiarda)

The Tiny Canal Cottage

The Tiny Canal Cottage is a 1924 Craftsman-style home located by the Venice Beach Canals in Southern California. The house’s interior measures under 400 sqft, and includes space-maximizing features such as built-in furnishings, pocket doors, and vaulted ceilings. The Cottage is home to Creative Director Whitney Leigh Morris, her husband Adam, their son West, and two rescue beagles, Stanlee & Sophee. View daily updates from the house and discover more about living the small-space lifestyle via Whitney’s Instagram, @WhitneyLeighMorris

The Tiny Canal Cottage – Overview from Whitney Leigh Morris on Vimeo.


Still, need more space? think about your moving costs when you live tiny.

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