Watch This Super Kitsch Colorful House in Australia

Do you know these Instagram accounts, you can’t get enough of? Mell’s house is one of them, for sure. A colorful, pink, full with vintage kitsch dolls and other goodies. It’s the kind of houses you look at and can get really curious about the person behind these walls, because really – who could possibly 1. Create it, and 2. Live inside this colorful house each and every day? A unique human being, I guess…

Mell says it all began when she started collecting Kewpie dolls around 10 years ago. Today, she lives in a totally RAD house, full with colors and joy. For me, it looks like an “I don’t give a fuck” kind of house. Or maybe an “I live my life as I wish, in its fullest” kind of house. Either way, I love the totality of it and invite you all to follow her amazing house on Instagram.

This is Mell’s super colorful living room:


Do you like the sweetness of this adorable bedroom?


The Vintage kitsch kitchen completes the look:


We envy the collection of kitsch dolls:


This is Mell (-:


If you’re into collecting some of these items, follow Mell’s Instagram store and purchase your own daydream.

Follow Mell’s private Instagram account: @vinnieboyvintage


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