10 Surprising Nursery Room Decor Ideas Using Only Leftover Paint

Wondering what to do with all of that leftover paint? there are so many creative ways to use almost any color left behind.


Got paint? reuse it at the nursery room


When stored properly, half-used paints can last for years. and the nursery room? Well, it’s the ultimate place to get creative and really play with patterns, stripes, and smaller crafts. So, still, letting all these leftovers sit in your basement or garage while you figure out what to do with them? Try these ideas instead:


1. Paint Only One Wall

Image Source: Eliza’s Eclectic Glam Nursery, Via Apartment Therapy.



2. A Half Is Sometimes Enough

Image Source: Style Me Pretty



3. Arrange A Peaceful Reading Area


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4. Or A Private Nook

Image Source: Lola’s Bedroom, Avenu blog

5. Use A Patterned Roller

This one has a lovely deer pattern and is relatively easy to use.

6. Go All The Way Stripes…

Image Source: Cuckoo 4 Design

7. Use Stamp Stencils

Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

8. Hack Ikea Furnitures

Image: Ikea LATT Table Hack, JollySlice.

9. Paint A Round, Chubby Circle

Image: archzine.fr

10. Paint Inside The Closet

Image: Monika Hibbs’ Nursery Via Anne Wall  

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