Why Hair Clips Are The Hottest Summer Hair Trend?

When you were just a little girl, collecting hair clips (or maybe hoarding them!) there was such variety and uniqueness! You could wear them with almost any hairstyle from short and choppy to long and thick, even just to hold your bangs in place. And let’s face it, we all had bangs at some point whether we wanted them or not…

Who wouldn’t want to have as many as possible with an ever-growing collection? The trend eventually faded out, but it’s back! Hair clips are the hottest summer hair trend.

Do You Need Some Pearls For Your Outfit?


Or Maybe Just A Plain Gold Bar Clip?


Stones, Shells, and Gems 

There are plenty of options available for every style any day of the week at a variety of price points. They are timeless and classic in design offering plenty of fashion choices. Some cost-conscious ladies have also started making their own clips to allow for complete customization.

Hello, craft store! Pair them with a dress, a casual choice, or even a day at the beach! One thing is for certain, hair clips are making a comeback and have become the hottest summer trend for those fashion-forward followers.

Images: MondayClip

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