What to Wear in Barcelona? The Stylish Travel Packing Checklist

I’ve been to Barcelona lately and decided to write down a small guide to help you pack easily and arrive prepared. So, if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, you probably wonder about the dressing codes in Barcelona and what to pack to be super stylish in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Photo: Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia

First of all, what a lovely city it is! It’s my second visit to this beautiful Catalan capital and this time; I enjoyed it even more. I’ve stayed in the gothic quarter which is a fantastic area if you (like me) exited by ancient architecture and narrow, charming allies.

Photo: feeding the fearless pigeons at Catalonia square

I see many articles telling you” how to blend in as a local” during your stay in Barcelona, but I personally think it’s definitely not the point because there are so many tourists you will probably blend in anyway. What I do want to stress out here is the fact that like in many European cities, you would feel more comfortable with a not to short skirt and pants (below the nee) and a shirt that covers you up. One reason for this is the churches you would like to visit without feeling embarrassed about your outfit and, the weather which can sometimes be floppy (warm days and cold evenings etc.).

Having that said, these 10 items could help build the perfect capsule wardrobe for your next trip to Barcelona. However, when you pack – don’t forget to leave some room for shopping! (trust me, you WILL need it…).

10 Items to Pack for Your Barcelona Trip

High waisted jeans

We’ve discussed this before – forget about the low waist, and pick your favourite high-rise denim with you. you will see it a lot in the streets, and it can fit any shirt, shoes and bag.

Casual belt

These adorable Heart & Ring Buckle Belts are the best examples for belts that go out with just about anything for only 6.95$!

Super Comfy Sneakers

Sneakers and retro sneakers rule the streets of Barcelona. It’s a city for walking and shopping so it’s very important to do it while feeling comfortable. You don’t want your feet to be swollen after a long day of non-stop walking and shopping, right? Don’t forget to pack your travel comfy shoes.

A Crossbody Bag 

Don’t even think about taking a backpack with you! Barcelona is the European capital of pickpocketing, so make sure you have your shoulder bag or pouch in front of your body.


White T-Shirt

Whenever you’re travelling, what’s more, important than taking the things you can’t go wrong about them? Like a white t-shirt.

Printed Midi Skirt

If you want to wear something more feminine than your pair of jeans, a midi skirt could be perfect for a sunny day in the museum, cafe or a walk in the park.

Chunky Sandals

Walking all day can be somewhat exhausting, especially when temperatures rise. Chunky sandals can be very comfortable without giving up “stylish”.

Boyfriend Denim Jacket

The temperatures in Barcelona may be confusing because you can go out and the skies look bright but after an hour you might feel the chill in your short sleeved shirt. Being light and comfy, a denim jacket is perfect for Barcelona’s spring and summer.

Tucked-In Tank

August is the hottest month in Barcelona with an average temperature of 24°C (74°F). Keeping this in mind makes packing a tank with you, not such a bad idea. Whether styled with your favourite denim or tucked into a colourful maxi skirt, a chambray tank (like this one below) is sure to be wardrobe essential this summer trip.

One Pair Of Elegant Heels

If you know youré going to have a date night in a fancy restaurant, you might pack a pair of elegant shoes. Some sneakers can fit an elegant outfit and look great, but some not. If you want to stay on the safe side, take something comfortable, to give your legs a rest from the busy day.

How to Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona?

Beware of pickpockets! No backpacks here, unless you want to carry it in front of you and be careful the entire trip. Las Ramblas and the Metro station (and all other crowded areas) are the places you should always keep your eyes on your bag!

Carry your handbag in front of your body with your hands on top. A pickpocket will realize there is no easy way into your bag and move on. Also, don’t carry your phone or wallet in the back or side pocket.

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