Top 10 White Nail Polishes (and how to apply correctly)

White Nail Polish – we love it!

So you’ve decided that you want to try out white nail polish or maybe you’ve found the perfect outfit and you’ll need to apply white nail polish to match it. I just love white nail polish. It is stylish and you can’t go wrong with this choice. And if the first thing in your head is something like ‘oh great, white nail polish, this isn’t going to turn out good!” you should know there are plenty of brands and ideas out there to help you get the best look that you can.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best brands for your needs, as well as dive into how to apply that white nail polish correctly so that you don’t end up with smudges, transparency, or roughness on your nails. You can always try out your favorite brand to see if you like them using these techniques or try out some of these recommended brands to find the best white nail polish for your needs.

10 Best White Nail Polishes To Get Now

1. OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny


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This white nail polish is famous for being addictive (so beware!). The color is milkier white and not too solid, but it lets you play with it and get a different look with each additional coat – one coat for a sheer finish; the second thin for more coverage, and three coats for an opaque finish.

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2. Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in Mrs. Tony Montana


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If you’re looking for real white coverage, this opaque creamy pure white nail polish is probably the best choice for you. Described as “pigmented and beautiful”, this white nail polish can also fit any skin tone.

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3. KB Shimmer in You Autumn Know


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White Pink Orange Gold Nail Polish, with a healthy sense of humor. If plain white is not your natural choice and you need something more – this white nail polish comes with an extra. With a flat brush for an easy application, it’s fun and flirty. I love it!

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4. Smith & Cult in Sugarette

From the “metallics” series, this white nail polish described as an “opaque white Smoke perfect”. It is neutral with a hint of sheen and if you appreciate high quality, you might LOVE this one.

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5. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in White On


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This white nail polish has an opaque, bright white color. Surprisingly it only needs two coats. Overall, Great white, good pigment, and easy to apply for an affordable price (a big bonus!).

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6. Essie in Marshmallow


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Essie’s Marshmallow is a beautiful white polish, which was probably designed to be a bit sheer. After two coats (or very three thin coats), you will end up with a gorgeous ‘marshmallowy’ white which has a clean and neutral look.

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7. OPI in Alpine Snow


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If you want it for touching up a french manicure, or for a full white cover, you will want to try one of the brand’s most-beloved shades. This white nail polish is clean and crisp and delivering completely opaque coverage in just two coats.

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8. Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Regret the Moon


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Smith & Cult made this white nail polish cuter than ever by adding a tiny droplet of pink to it. If you’re not looking for a regular white, this is the right nail polish for you.

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9. Londontown Lakur in Princess Awaits


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This white nail polish has a gorgeous sheer pink two coats to reach a fabulous color. Applies flawlessly and justifies the price.

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10. ella+mila in Pure Love

We all know Ella+Milla is free of so many bad chemicals. it is also cruelty-free and vegan. And has lots of admirers “Love this polish and that it is safe for me and my little one! Color is great!” one fan wrote.

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White nail polish: keep in mind no matter what brand you go with;

• You’ll want it to be a thicker polish so that you won’t need to apply more than two coats to each nail. We’ve all been there applying our third coat of polish not able to do anything waiting for it to dry.
• Have a quality brush to apply it with to avoid issues. Cheap or low-quality brushes can be the cause of ridges in polish or cause issues when applying and with transparency.

• Avoid quick-drying varieties that can cause roughness on the finished nail.
• Ready tactic to prevent smears around the cuticle, there are many ideas online about what works best for this as well as products available.
• Adding glitters on white nail polish is one of the most amazing things you can try! Just throwing an idea here…

How to apply white nail polish correctly?

Follow these steps to create a perfect white nail polish look!

1. Using the recommendations above, find a good quality product to use.
2. Use a base coat! Do it! Some people might feel that a base coat isn’t needed but this is what will prevent the most roughness when applying the polish.
3. Make sure that your polish is not cold. Placing the bottle in some warm water while you apply your base coat can make sure of this.
4. Use the three-stroke method; one down the middle left side, and right side of the nail. Apply one coat this way and wait for it to dry completely. When you think it’s dry, hold your hands under cold water just to be sure. Make sure to dry all moisture after doing this, but don’t press too hard just in case!

5. Apply your second coat the same way as mentioned above, making sure to seal the edge of your nail as well (near the tip) to avoid chips and again wait for it to be 100% dry.
6. Apply a layer of your preferred top coat once you are sure the nails are dry, making sure not to disrupt the nails while the top coat dries.

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