How to Apply Magnetic Nail Polish for Cat Eye Nails?

Cat eye nail polish is the most pinnable and Instagram worthy effect. It is made by magnetic nail polish and a magnet stick. Just like cat eye stone, the cat eye nails capture and reflect the light at every opportunity. If you’re already obsessed with crystals, it looks like you’re gonna love this look.


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We have a real crush here!


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How to Apply: Magnetic Nail Polish for Cat Eye Nails

Cat-eye nails are created by magnetic nail polish and… you guessed right – a magnet. You can go to your favorite nail salon and ask for a cat-eye gel mani, or, do it yourself with the regular nail varnish. There are so many mesmerizing color combis for the cat-eye effect, like a classy black and gold, or even softer shades with pink or nude and gold.


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First, you should know the cat eye nail effect looks best on dark bases such as black, or any other dark color such as red or navy blue. Cat eye nail polishes are more common in a gel version. However, there are other options available that don’t require a UV lamp.

What Are the Best Magnetic Nail Polishes?

We checked out Amazon’s top-rated magnet nail polishes. Whether you have a UV machine or just want to try on something new, these brands got very enthusiastic reviews and could work for you:

1. Born Pretty Magnetic Nail Polish

Born Pretty magnetic nail polish brings you the magnetic cat eye effect without the need of UV machine, which makes it really easy to apply. The magnetic stick can be bought separately.


How to Use The Regular Magnetic Nail Polish?

For the regular nail polish (not gel!):

  1. Prepare your nails with the base coat, and wait for it dry. Any base coat will do.
  2. Apply the first color coat and wait for it dry, then the second coat, and wait again (this coat is not magnetic).
  3. Apply the magnetic nail polish and immediately hold the magnet stick close to the nail for at least 30 seconds. The closer the distance, the more obvious the effect (but keep the stick away from the polish). The effect is decided on the line of the magnet stick and the direction you put it.
  4. Apply a top coat, and use the magnet stick again, close to the nail for at least 30 seconds.


2. Born Pretty Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set

This set of cay eye polish is amazing because it comes in soft pastel colors. If you love fun nail effects but don’t want the dark shades most of them has to offer, this set is spot on!

Have a look at this video, showing the entire process:


3. Azure Magnetic Chameleon Gel Nail Polish 

This set includes six colors and a magnet. However, the color before applying looks very different from the final (dramatic) results! As one reviewer wrote: “I was mad at first because when you just open the bottle and look at the color, all of them look the same, but once you paint your nails black and apply as instructed, the colors look amazing!!!”


4. Gellen 3D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set

Great selection of beautiful colors, that can get you (step by step) to your desired cat eye effect. These colors are perfect for a dramatic look evening date night!


5. CLAVUZ Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

Clavuz magnetic gel nail polish set Includes 10 Gel Nail Polish AND a Top and Base Coat. That’s a great deal with so many colors to chose from!

More Cat Eye Nail Art Designs to Get You Inspired

We are obsessed with these nails! are you into this cat eye madness too? we love seeing this effect on pastel colors that fit our office outfit so well.



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These green cat eye nails have it all – a great choice of color for any occasion – day and night!


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If you liked the galaxy trend we saw everywhere last year, you would probably love to see it with a twist of cat eye on it.

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And why not add patterns and holographic finish?


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Are you obsessed with nail art? read about holographic nail polish> 

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