Influencer of the Month: Nadia Dassouki

Nadia Dassouki is a stunning actress and model based in Berlin. Her gorgeous pictures drew me in, but her content sparked my interest to keep on reading.

Nadia is a lifestyle influencer with an emphasis on health, yoga, and fitness. This girl knows how to look fabulous when you are always on the go.

First up is this casual look. This simple from first glance outfit does all the right things. The choice of neutral colors in this picture is very flattering. The key piece here is the blazer, which is just the right length to accentuate the figure. The rolled-up sleeves are a nice finish giving you a way to show off an accessory like a watch or a bracelet if you decide to wear one.

This vibrant teal color jacket stands out without being too much and in Nadia’s case it nicely underlines and brings out her eyes. The light blouse underneath is giving the outfit a good contrast. This suit is a great alternative to the classic “black and white”.

In the wintertime, the cozy turtle neck sweaters are a lifesaver. It can be easily paired with formal or casual pants or skirts.

Another casual but chic outfit for the chilly days. Loving Nadia’s choice of accessories the bag, the scarf, and the beanie all add a flair to the look. Tight fitted leggings are a perfect match for those sassy boots. And of course, this exquisite coat brings everything together.

For more fashion from Nadia follow her on Instagram and check out her blog.

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